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Water Savings.

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High speed continuous retorting of plastic laminate pouches, pots and trays

Formed in early 2008 by a highly qualified team of UK food process engineers with over 30 years’ experience in the batch retorting of plastic laminate pouches and trays, CRL’s goal was to develop a continuous retort system that would allow these relatively delicate packaging systems to be sterilised or pasteurised at high speed and low unit cost with minimal use of energy and cooling water. This goal has now been achieved and CRL’s first retort systems, protected by several International patents, are now being produced in UK for sale in Europe and North America.


Applications in canning and glass jar products

Compared to automated batch retort systems (ABRS) the CRL systems can offer energy savings of 60% and the total elimination of external cooling water. Faced with these significant cost savings CRL’s first customers have requested CRL retort lines for their canning and glass jar lines as well as for their plastic packaging products, where the higher volumes generate greater savings.

Water Savings

Energy Savings



Simple and efficient high speed heat processing  at low unit cost:


- Small footprint

- 60% energy reduction

- 100% reduction in water wastage

- Cans, glass jars, laminated plastic pouches, pots & trays

…at speeds from hundreds to over one thousand packs/min.”